WebConnect - CSX Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal Overview

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

CSX Northwest Ohio Intermodal Terminal Overview

You see them every day and probably think nothing of it containers stack to the heavens on ships squared away on chassis bound, for their final destination has overlooked. As they are shipping containers, are actually one of the modern world's greatest advancements by making transportation exponentially faster and more affordable.

These containers revolutionize shipping in the 1950s and helped deliver a Golden Age of convenience and prosperity for that, we can all thank an impatient and ingenious truck driver named Malcolm McLean. He did something, so genius that Forbes magazine, would one day hail him as one of the men who changed the world.

Malcolm McLean didn't split the atom instead, he split the trailer by ordering trailers that could be separated into two pieces, a chassis with wheels topped by, a separate box container. McLean made it possible, to safely stack containers and transfer them. Between ships trucks and trains in record time, shippers could now transport more Goods more securely and for less money more. Than 60 years after, maverick shipping mogul Malcolm McLean had the brilliant idea to free containers from the backs of trucks intermodal shipping is.

Now poised to enter a new age of innovation and efficiency introducing, the Northwest Ohio intermodal terminal 500 acres over 200 full-time employees, the ability to handle more than 30 trains a day and 2 million containers each year, including block swaps and lifts the Northwest Ohio intermodal terminal is truly a state-of-the-art, facility unlike any the world has seen before, it's a revolution in rail that serves the millions of Americans who rely on the products carried. On CSX's intermodal network, the businesses that count on rail based intermodal transportation for reliable timely delivery of goods. The millions of drivers traveling our nation's interstates and highways. And all who realize the importance of responsible transportation to protect. Our environment the Northwest Ohio intermodal terminal now stands as the core of CSX's intermodal network and the cornerstone of the National Gateway a public-private partnership created.

In 2010 to strengthen our nation's economy and to protect our environment through infrastructure investments that will improve transportation in this country. The National Gateway is creating jobs increasing efficiency and making possible the growth, and innovation found. Here, with its strategic location in the heart of the Midwest and the dedication of CSX employees committed to its success. The Northwest Ohio intermodal terminal is now the hub for all intermodal traffic moving across the northern tier of our network Freight originating at ports and distribution centers around the nation arrives here in Northwest Ohio on intermodal trains it is. Then quickly and efficiently redistributed for delivery coast-to-coast. Thanks to our network and the cooperation of Western carriers as the terminal expedites, freight from all points across the country to Midwestern destinations and beyond shipping transit times and emissions are drastically reduced, with this terminal intermodal transcon shippers can. Now bypass the congestion and delays associated with Chicago, this saves them time and effectively transforms Northwest Ohio into CSX's new gateway to the West. The terminal also connects shipping points of origin with new destinations enabling direct train service from ports on the east and west coast. The increased efficiency and economies of rail give both shippers and customers a distinct advantage.

Thanks to the vision and expertise of the CSX professionals who helped plan it. The Northwest Ohio intermodal terminal is one of the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly facilities. In North America, large electric rail mounted cranes weighing more than 1 million pounds and as wide as a football field is long reposition containers across eight processing tracks more efficiently. Than ever using electric motors instead of diesel, these new cranes each controlled by one person reduce emissions by 80 percent compared to traditional cranes. They also take up less space and create less noise, than traditional cranes and not only do they run on electricity. They also generate it, as they operate the green tech extends far beyond the terminals cranes special optical scanner, two gates help cut down on truck idling time high efficiency bulbs light, the way for trains and trucks and all the terminals ties are constructed from recycled steel, safety is improved too.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology, that allows for more efficient car to car loading at the Northwest Ohio intermodal terminal. We are building on the innovative history of transportation, that has come before us to benefit, the people who work in rail those who depend on it and the environment, we all share together with the National Gateway, we have strived to create America's most advanced intermodal facility a transportation hub that promises to redefine Northwest Ohio stroll in American shipping as, it redefines the limits of intermodal ISM.

Welcome once again to the Northwest Ohio intermodal terminal how tomorrow moves you.