CSX Transportation Overview

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

CSX Transportation Overview

It's been said that whale is the circulatory system of the American economy, delivering the raw materials and finished products that nourish our nation's way of life. Every day around the clock, our trains move the critical ingredients that our neighbors, our businesses and our communities.

Rely upon, we move the things that make hopes dreams and progress possible and we move them in ways that are having a positive impact. On today and tomorrow but of all the things that we carry the most important could be your future at CSX we believe people make the difference our company's been energized by an incoming wave of new employees, with their diverse backgrounds and experiences.

This new generation is bringing with them a spark. We are actively seeking to grow ours is a culture of empowerment. So, we believe in and provide coaching and mentor-ship programs as many of our longtime team. Members begin to enjoy the rewards of retirement, they are passing the torch to the company's future smart talented and driven individuals who can carry our mission forward the opportunities for exciting rewarding careers, abound in all areas of CSX and there's never been a better time to pursue them. We're a fortune 500 company with a history stretching, back to the beginnings of American Rail and we're on a roll, we are the largest railroad east of the Mississippi, with a network that currently serves over two-thirds of the US population. We're engaged in the communities, we serve supporting local charities and safety programs and we're ideally suited to serve the changing needs of the economy and environment.

Today, our railroads can move a ton of freight 423 miles on a single gallon of fuel. As the first transportation company to join the EPA's climate Leaders program. CSX is introducing new technologies and trains that will reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption by 10 million gallons and that's just the beginning. All along our 21,000 miles of track, you're pioneering new ways to protect the environment to reduce traffic on our overburdened highways and to make shipping more economical.

In fact, we are investing more than 1 billion dollars each year, in upgrades to our network this will help make us an even stronger resource to serve the nation's growing needs and to ensure, that CSX is the railroad, that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Our shareholders and the employees who make all of this possible, our company has never been stronger our future has never been brighter, we invite you to explore the opportunities to make your own future, just as bright by becoming, a driving force in CSX and how tomorrow moves.

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