CSX Transportation Rail Road Police for Webconnect

By Gavin | February 14, 2019

The CSX Police Department is comprised of extraordinary men and women, very talented professional police officers, who are strategically placed throughout our 23 state network. This network encompasses roughly 21,000 miles of track and over 13,000 jurisdictions, I like to say that we're a traditional Police Department working in a non-traditional environment.

The mission of the CSX Police Department is to protect its employees, the critical infrastructure of the railroad, the customer property that's entrusted to us, and the citizens of the communities through which we operate against the threat of terrorism or any criminal activity. One of our core values at CSX is people make the difference, that is so true in law enforcement in general, but especially here at the railroad for us engaging the public and be caging the business leaders, that is our primary focus.

We have mountain bike patrol units that daily deploy into the area and an assist local agencies as well as patrol our territory on a mountain bike, we deploy on foot also into the community because we find that's much more approachable for the public to come to us. We also strongly believe in the value of high visibility policing, we rely on our employees and the citizens to report any suspicious behaviors or criminal activity that they may see.

We had CSX want to be viewed in the community, as a good neighbor every day begins in the few in the community, for us every day starts there every day finishes there. We invest in our employees quite heavily, whether it's a financial investment. and things that they need to do their job, the tools that they need, we invest in them, we invest in their training, we invest in their development.

Our department CSX as a whole invest a lot of money, and for us to be able to conduct this training, and the CSX corporation along with the police department, and a safety train foundation out of Massachusetts, developed a SWAT train, as we call it, it's a unique train, the only chain of its kind in the country, maybe even the world, that provides with our reference pond seamlessly, they provide a three-day training program to local state and federal law enforcement agencies, the training is geared to the tactical operator. So it's geared to address a terror threat or major incident on rail transportation.

Another unique part of that is to that we have that train and we will travel by that train, so we will bring our train, it's a 1,000 feet long passenger train with a moor locomotive that we will bring to the jurisdiction to provide that training. CSX doesn't charge anything for these training programs, these passenger and commuter trains run on our tracks and CSX tracks, and that brings us into the mix of being responsible for their safety and security.

One of the things CSX has been able to achieve is law enforcement accreditation through the Commission on Accreditation for law enforcement agencies. The fact that we're accredited tells our customers and employees, the citizens of the communities that we operate by and we care about our industry, our industry's best practices. We like to be forward-thinking when it comes to technology and giving the tools that our police officers need to protect the communities.

One of the things we're doing is giving every special agent a state-of-the-art radio, that's p25 compliant so that we can communicate with practically any major law enforcement agency within our jurisdiction. We're also providing push-to-talk technology to our special agents so that they can instantly communicate with members of their team.

Many of our agents work in remote areas, and there's also an officer safety component of that with a man down or distress signal that can be, it's a GPS component that goes along with the push-to-talk technology, we utilize GPS devices that we'll put on containers that we're going to ship across the system or on our decoy loads, we have a lot of computer software programs that were utilizing the thermal imager, and then we have a lot of cameras that will deploy around the system on both video and still picture cameras, the railroad really does care about the safety and well-being, the health of the citizens through the area's that we operate, and also the environment.

We do our jobs very well because of a true commitment for them from each and every agent out there, they are really proud of the fact that they work for the railroad that they are part of something larger. they're protecting the nation's commerce.